Who the heck is SWI

Having gone under a different name completely until he found out it was already taken by some math metal band, the lone member of Single White Infidel, Jeff Webster, arrived at the current moniker from a half-amusing conversation about weird Craigslist personals. From there, he decided that he should write what he knew about.

Well, it turns out after recording the No One Listens to Skate Punk Anymore EP, he was done writing what he knew. Over the next year and change, Jeff toyed and tossed around the idea of writing a grand, epic concept album. Wanting to grow as an artist as well as a producer, he also spent the next year collaborating with various musicians that he met via a stint authoring his songs for the video game Rock Band. Being associated with the incredible talent around him, he was pressured into stepping up his game, and found out that it was quite worth it to really put your heart into your music, regardless of how many people you think are going to hear it.

After some sudden inspiration coming from seeing The Protomen live, he put his head down and wrote frantically, screaming at his hands whenever they failed to nail a riff or a solo, screaming at his computer screen when the lyrics failed to appear magically in front of him. Finally, in February of 2013, everything came to fruition, and Execution, the album he never even knew that he always wanted to make, was completed.

Having ridden for a while on the feel-goods of completing an epic tale and putting it to ripping metal-tinged punk rock music, he has begun recording again, this time drawing from personal experience. A year removed from the release of Execution, he made a deal: start writing in February 2014, don't stop until March. Record as many songs as you just wrote by the end of March, and unleash all the crazy thoughts and spur of the moment angst out to the world, for better or worse. The resultant EP, entitled Noises That... was angry, loud, raw, and completely uncompromising, a drunken rage of a diary entry committed to song.

While stripping down his sound was cathartic and Noises That... was the recording that was necessary for him to make at the time, he didn't want to abandon the bombast and theatrics of Execution completely. So, he set out to write another concept album. Along the way, the plot was ditched and he decided he wanted to instead write about a series of stories, vignettes of a time of urgency in various fantasy worlds. The new album, entitled Fictionpunx, is a mesh of styles between Execution and Noises That..., taking the synths and hardcore elements of the latter and mixing it with the drama and instrumentation of the former.